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KA MSL 10 sail

Number of Views: 358

 Sail has plenty of life left in it. Nice flat sail.

350 AUD

Sail is in Sydney.

Pete 0431948361


Number of Views: 1375

 ROCKET 4043

In MINT condition, one of the smartest ROCKETS out there!

Competitive, fully race ready boat.

This boat stands out, perfectly clean hull in immaculate condition – it looks like new!

I have had the boat for just over a year, in that time ...READ MORE

LENNON P5 Rashley World’s sail with Carbon Cams

Number of Views: 484

 New November 2014 P5 sail as used by Chris at the 2015 worlds. Very simular to an A2m with some tweaks and cams worth £175. reasonable condition 7/10, came 9th at the euros last week. £800 contact


MACH 2 3855

Number of Views: 1097

 Mach 2 nr. 3855. Two sails (NS H14 and Ka msl 13.2). Front foil large. Rear small anhedral foil. Low drag wing covers. Euro 14.500. Many custom parts available (Bow mechanism with bearings, adjust wand, tacking GPS mount, gearing system). Located in ...READ MORE