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Mach 2 for sale – USA

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Mach 2 – USA 3593

Mach 2 upgraded with 2.3 systems – bowsprit ready Competitive boat, plenty of work has gone into it. Boat runs smooth, currently located in New York, USA.

2.0 front vertical 2.3 front vertical 2.0 large front horizontal 2.0 ...READ MORE

Moth 4453 for sale

Number of Views: 771

Mach 2.4 from april 2017 for a quick sale 2.4 hull (reinforced) 2.4 wingbars (reinforced) 2.4 foils all faired and painted small rear 2.4 foil long verticals bowsprit 2.4 trampoline with wing plates for cleats KA17 sailed 4 times ! Novasail gps ...READ MORE

SOLD – AUS 4058

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 AUS4058 Boat was new for 2013 Worlds in Hawaii, it’s place on the podium in 2013, 14 & 15 worlds. This boat has had plenty of love put into and would be perfect for someone looking for a competitive Mach 2 with ...READ MORE


Moth Hungry Tiger Built in 2003, LOW RIDER, GER1044

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 you can buy to have fun: fast low rider, measurement certificat, cover, Slip-trolley, good condition, ready to sail, in Bockhorn/Friesland/Germany. “Simply Faster” Sail, and tramps. Mast Landenberger. Price 1950.- EUR ca be discussed. Tel. 017621394944 If you want more photos, please send ...READ MORE

moth for sale

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I am looking for a complete moth in fair or good conditions, without structural damage, possibly visible in italy. email: or here. Thanks in advance.

Rocket bits for sale

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Rigging set never sail Shroud 3.465m Prop 3.81m :100euros

Rocket wing cover set:80euros

In France


looking for Lennon a3m / a4m / North M7

Number of Views: 205

looking for Lennon a3m / a4m / North M7

i’ll look for all offers


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