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Box Trailer – Aluminium

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 Box trailer for sale. Alu N&J box on rapide base. Lockable & watertight. Euro legal lights. Mounts fitted for Mach2 Moth launching trolley on top + tie down loops bolted through. Measures 3m x 1.45m (90cm ish deep) Fits at least 6 ...READ MORE

Mach2 Rudder Foil large

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 Im selling a Mach2 Rudder Foil large. The foil is in excellent condition and race ready. Actually new painted professionally and perfect finished. More pictures available. The foil is in Germany, Munich and could be shipped. Price is 500 Euro Contact hellriegels at ...READ MORE

Rocket 4121 for sale

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 Great condition boat with a unique colour scheme, fully race tuned with good results including top non-SSD rocket at 2016 Nationals (15th / 73).

Maintained and upgraded with all the latest systems: Lowered kingpost Kinked CST boom Internal downhaul Extended bowsprit Upgraded twist ...READ MORE



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 Mach 2 AUS 3750, urgent sale:

Lightly used over the past year, comes with the following: • Hull and trolley in excellent condition • CHPS low drag wing tramps – modified with draining mesh and bladders • Continuous Vang and Cunningham lines • ...READ MORE

Canting Rig Spanner for Sale

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SailingBits style carbon canting rig spanner for sale. Can be glued/bolted directly onto the deck of a Mach 2 in order to incorporate a lever into a canting rig system. Includes both plate and lever arm. I can pass along a few ...READ MORE

Mach 2.3 Foils

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I’m selling…

2x 2.3 Front Vertical – €1,400 each 1x 2.3 Rear Vertical – €1,400 1x Small rudder anhedral (horizontal) – €1,000

All foils in good condition and race ready – professionally painted. Available from 3rd July, to be located in Lake Garda, Italy. ...READ MORE


Bladerider Moth Tramps

Number of Views: 244

 Accidentally bought 2 pairs of moth tramps instead of a single pair.

Purchased them from Hyde Sails (£136) last year, put them in my garage and totally forgot about them! others are on the boat and work fine – Bladder is not included, ...READ MORE

Complete Mach 2 – 2014 POL4153

Number of Views: 498

Black hull from 2014. Wang and Cunningham kit. Mach 2.2RHA barrel assy. Adjustable wand. Medium Mast. Straight boom. KA Sail 16.1 2.0 Foils. Large and small front foil. Wings, tramps, trolley.

13 500 EUR Available after Garda Worlds.


Rocket SSD 4480

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 New October 2016, available December 2017 after the Bermuda regatta

Complete package – Just won UK Nationals CST Mast and Kinked boom Lennon A4m Latest Rocket Foils (options on big or small) Covers and Trolley


MACH 2.3 FRA4274

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Complete Mach 2.3 moth (APRIL 2015), ready to race. Black carbon hull 2.3 front wing bars, 2.3 low mast stump, 2.3 outer wing bars Mach 2.3 Low drag aero wing tramps Mach2.2 Premium Gearing Mach2.3 Adjustable Wand Mach2.3 Ride Height Adjuster


Tramps, wand, Mast

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I have for sale : – Mach 2.0 white set of tramps, include bladders and rods in good condition 150 euros SOLD

– Atomik Uk adjustable wand in very good condition 90 euros SOLD

– Mach 2 standard wand used 40 euros

– Ka Medium ...READ MORE

Mach 2.3 ready for sale

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 selling moth 2.3, delivered end of 2016 hull black, used about ten times, like as new upgratdes below 2.3 front wing bars with low mast stump 2.3 outer wing bars mast medium double hound mast 2.2 extra stiff boom stay set with ...READ MORE


Mach2 2.0 vertical with small foil

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Hi, I would sell my 2.0 vertical, fitted with a cutted down big mach2 foil to small (94cm wingspan). Painted with duurepox white. Covers included. Askin price 1099 EUR. Pictures sent on request. thanks!

Large Rocket Foil for a Mach 2

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 Selling a large Rocket foil specifically made by Aardvark for a Mach 2. It’s the latest design, high aspect horizontal similar to an exocet large. The current small rocket foil is this foil with the tips cut off, if you wanted to ...READ MORE

Looking for Mach 2.0 Vertical

Number of Views: 164

Looking for a used Mach 2.0 Vertical Foil Preferably UK/Europe


Early Lift or Macita foil wanted!

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hello guys, I am looking for an early lift foil or Macita which fith to a Mach 2.0 vertical, or need some modification. Any solution is welcomed. Thank you in advance.

check here