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Mach 2 3770 – Price Reduced!

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 2010 Mach 2 hull ready to race and in Perth, Australia. Just completed the 2017 Garda worlds. The hull is a little older but has never leaked, and the boat has been fully upgraded ahead of the 2017 worlds.

Re-rigged ahead of 2017 ...READ MORE

Mach2 3985

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 Perfect entry Moth – can be upgraded to bowsprit and kinked boom by Shock Sailing

Small main foil with long vertical Anhedral rudder with standard vertical Shock tiller extension KA 16.3 Sail Medium Mast Lowered mast stump Adjustable ride height, wand length and ...READ MORE

AUS 3905 Mach2

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 Mach2 3905. SOLD. #1 package sole. Other parts available individually if anyone is interested. Sydney, Australia Too many toys. 3 moths is too many. My Mach2 is available for someone who wants a boat which is way faster than I can sail ...READ MORE


Mach 2 4431, Mach 2 factory boat. All upgrades, 21000 euro

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 Hi all, I am selling my mach 2. Pretty new boat and has all of the CURRENT AND FUTURE upgrades as it was part of the KA sailing team for the 2017 worlds, with a lot of top 10 finishes in the ...READ MORE


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Mach2/McConaghy masts for sale.

1 x Mach2 Soft

1 x Mach2 Medium

1 x Mach2 Stiff

$300 AUD/€200 EUR each.

Located in Sydney, Australia +61448990448

MSL10 for sale

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 MSL10 for sale. Average condition, but a great training sail for anybody new in the class. In Weymouth. £60.


Mach 2 aus 3731

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 Good condition, many upgrades, would have to spend twice the price for a faster boat. Give me a call 0419406830 $14,000 Lake Macquarie area

Mach 2 aus 3731

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 Good condition, many upgrades, would have to spend twice the price for a faster boat. Give me a call 0419406830 $14,000 Lake Macquarie area

Looking for 2.3 or 2.4 main vertical

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Grahame 0419406830


Bladerider RX – AUS 3478

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Get Foiling for only $4,000 AUD

 Located Brisbane, Australia. Good entry into foiling. Tweaked, modified and improved, including:-

    Longer wand
    Ride height adjustment
    Carbon spreaders
    Reinforced front wing

Good condition, kept under cover. Ready to sail. Equipment:-

    2 sails

AUS 4156 Mach 2 For Sale

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 – Lowered mast stump – Custom carbon cleat mounts on wing bars, has vang, cunno, outhaul -Adjustable forestay and canting rig – Mach 2 Aero tramps – 2.3 Adjustable wand set up – 2.2 Ride height adjuster – 2.2 Bow mechanism – ...READ MORE

MACH 2 Parts new and used

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2.0 Front Horizontal faired and painted, used € 1000.- 2.0 Front Horizontal small, as new € 1300.- 2.0 Front Vertical as new, faired and painted € 1000- 2.0 Rudder vertical with small horizontal € 800.- 2.0 Rudder vertical with medium horizontal € ...READ MORE


Selling Modified Ninja with bowsprit

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I am selling my ninja BEL 3915.

She sails beautifully and is easy to do foiling tacks on. I finished 24th at the worlds at Garda.

Feel free to contact me for more info.

Here is what comes with the boat.

* Boat BEL 3915 with ...READ MORE

Air Package Front wing bars for M2

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 PnP Front wing bars designed to have better aerodynamics, very rigid and already proven in the mach2. Can Ship to Europe!

USD 1000 + Shipping

2.3 Early lift AUS

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Mach2 2.3 early lift foil in, AUS only AUD2000 or offers (3000 new) I am <70kg so has only had very light use.


exocet wanted

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if theres an exocet for sale after the dutch champoinship, please let me know.