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Assortment of CTEC Masts for sale 3 and 3 b with gooseneck fitted

£850 Each

contact +44 07866589824

North M7 for sale with battons

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North M7 for sale Only used for uk nationals and few more days so like new really Comes with 3 d printed cams and battons

Uk price £950

Can supply Ctec 3b or Ctec 3 masts to go with at £850 each. Only used ...READ MORE

Mach 2 AUS 4165 – Sydney

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Complete Mach 2 for Sale AUS 4165

Boat is hardly used at all and kept in storage mostly Artemis Blue with Blue tramps Selling with long verticals with medium rudder and small main foil. Comes with Mach 2 box CST 15degree bent boom ...READ MORE


Mach2 Rudder and Foils

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 I have some rudder parts excess to requirements.

1x Small Anhedral Foil A$500

1x Med Anhedral Foil A$400

1x 2.3 Rudder Vertical A$1000

All unused in the last 2 years, never damaged. Came with the boat 4221.

All faired and painted white, with bags.

All plus postage – ...READ MORE


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 second hand GP FOIL, used 5 days. like new. M2 socket. €1500. Located Garda. Possible to ship worldwide.


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 for sale 2017 c-tech UHM 15° kinked boom. AS NEW. €1500. located Garda. possible to ship worldwide.


CST elite 21 mast Wanted

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Hi all, I’m looking for a cst21 mast laying around. Contact me if you have one for sale

I’m based in Milano, Italy, but in a couple of weeks I’m going to Lyon and Folkenstone (Dover) by car, so could go there to ...READ MORE