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C-Tech Moth Masts

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 Two New C-Tech Moth Masts available.
One is an 03 (Stiff) the Other is 03B (Medium)
They are both 5370mm long (the old Standard length and old standard layout)
They are both new, unused masts but were built in August 2017
Both have a few minor marks or scratches.
They are set up with the Mach2 style base pin and the old through bolt style hole for Gooseneck.
May suit Sailor with older sails, they only have the Short Reinforced section at the base.
(Require extra reinforcing to be shortened)
Our client was affected by recent Hurricane and didn’t wish to complete purchase.

Special Price for Both Masts ex the factory NZ$2700 (over $1000 off the Retail Price)

or NZ$1500 each if you only want one.