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Learning to Sail a Moth

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Learning how to sail a moth is not as difficult as it was few years ago. You Tube and the internet have been major contributing factors as  information is so much more readily available.

Choosing a suitable venue with good launching facilities is a big advantage and finding a club that has other moths will also vastly reduce the learning curve.

The UK are leading the way at the moment by re investing in the class by way of bi annual training sessions laid on by the more advanced sailors for beginners and intermediates. This has proven to be a great success and hopefully other countries will follow suit and add training events to their annual racing calendars.

There is also an excellent training venue in Spain at Mar Menor, the home of Mothfest run by Alan Hillman. Mar Menor offers a safe and central location for most of the Northern Hemisphere to get to with great weather and excellent sailing conditions. For more information visit Alan’s site at

Advances in equipment have also made learning to foil a much easier affair. Our current European Champion first set foot in a moth 10 months ago and has succeeded in winning most of the events that he attended in that time!

Whatever route you choose to take, either competition or recreational, there is no other boat quite like a moth and with a little patience and effort you’ll be up and flying in no time so good luck and we hope to see you on the water soon.