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MACH2 – upgraded and ready to race

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 Selling my full raceready Mach2 4060!

dry hull
reinforced gantry
lowered and reinforced maststep (by boatbuilder)
reinforced wingbarstruts (innertubes)
shock sailing bowsprit (reinforced and optimised)
2.4 ridehight adjuster
2.42 Hydranet Low Drag Tramp
zhik grib hiking strap
Mach2 masts (medium+stiff)
Mach2 boom
Lennon A3M (used, but good condition)
2.4 rudder vertical + 2.4 medium horizontal (perfect condition)
2.4 main vertical + 2.0 small mainfoil
2.0 main vertical
2.0 rudder vertical + medium horizonral

Possible upgrades (cost extra):
C-Tech 15 degrees kinked Boom with internal cunningham (1.500€)
C-Tech 03 mast stiff (900€)
North sail V7 20 days use (1000€)
macita mainfoil in great condition (1.100€)

email me: philipp.buhl[at]