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Mach2 ready to race

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 I am selling my Mach2 3797, because I ordered a new boat.
The boat is in top condition and absolutely ready to race. She was the fast Mach2 at the foiling week last week in Garda.
The boat comes with everything you need to race:
• Mach2.0 Vertical with GP horizontal, painted in white and perfectly finished
• Mach2.3 Vertical with small Mach2 Horizontal, painted in white and perfectly finished
• Renker rudder with Mach2 small anhedral, painted in white and perfectly finished
• Mach2.0 rudder plus vertical
• CST22 Mast (1 ½ Years old)
• Mach2 stiff Mast
• C-tech 15° kinked boom (like new)
• Mach2 straight boom
• Lennon A4M (12 days used)
• Lennon A3M (in good condition)
• Costum-made bowsprit with 5mm carbon push rod in one piece (way better than the original Mach2 bowsprit)
• Costum-made adjustable wand
• Spare bowsprit and lots of other spare parts for the bowsprit
• Adjustable gearing with Mach2.4 bellcranks on both foils
• Mach2.4 tramps
• Reinforced gantry
• Adjustable spreader
The boat will be available after the Europeans. It can be picked up there or later in Germany.
Please, contact me if you have any questions. Fabian-gielen [at] web [dot] de
Price: 17 500 € or near offers