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Mach2 for sale fully kitted out *New Worlds Price

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 Mach2 for sale 4197 full kitted out ready for campaign

new nov 2014
Great boat with all the current mods
2.4 mast stump height with lowered wing bars
canting shrouds raking forstay all harken blocks
Adjustable prodder for side stays

Carbonix Bowsprit with gearing adjuster at main foil
2 sets of foils painted and faired
M2.3 verticals with highlift front and medium rudder
M2.4 vertical with mach2 small front foil and m2.4 small rudder
M2 mast or ctech mast, cst kinked boom
outboard cleats for controls with 2 sets of 2.4 tramps red and black ones still in the bag
2 sails north and Ka sails your pick (H-14,13.5,16.5,17)
all covers and bags and Large shipping box
Boat will be at worlds In bremuda and can be shipped anywhere from there or available before world’s in USA

$ 20,000 usd
email me if interested