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Mach2 AUT3793 for sale – race ready

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 I am selling my Mach2 including the following parts and upgrades:

– Mach2 Hull
– Shortened pushrod tunnel with long ride hight adjuster (to be able to upgrade to a gearing system on top of the main vertical)
– Self made bowsprit system with telescopic wand (SailingBits Bow mechanism also included)
– Lowered front wing bars/ mast foot (lower than 2.3)
– 2.3 Aero Tramps
– 2.3 Main vertical with Macita 2.0 mainfoil (the new solid version)
– 2.3 Rudder vertical with small anhedral rudder foil
– Mach2 medium Mast
– Mach2 Boom with lever and in-boom 12:1 cunningham system.
– Black Ka 16.5 sail in good condition (not in the picture)
– Mach2 prodder with Dyneema stays (DM20 forestay and SK99 sidestays)
Boat is race approved and achieved some good results!! The only limitation was the sailor 😀

If you have any questions please ask!! I have loads of pictures i can send…
Boat is located in Austria.
€16999 ono