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MACH2 3842

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 MACH2 Moth 3842 for sale. One owner.
Sails: MSL 16.5 – used for 14 days, MSL 16.1 and MSL 10c – training sails (all measured with certificates)
Front foils: small M2 horizontal, big M2 horizontal, standard vertical
Rear foils: medium M2 anhedral horizontal, standard M2 horizontal, standard vertical
M2 stiff mast
M2.2 bow mechanism with adjustable gearing, M2.3 adjustable wand and M2.0 fixed, continuous vang and cunningham, adjustable ride height.
Trolley, covers. Wooden box available.

Boat is located in Warsaw, Poland. Can arrange cheap shipping over Europe. More photos available on request.
Price: 12.000 EUR for the full set (negotiable depending on the chosen equipment).

Contact: +48 606 11 11 eight one, michal( at )