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Mach2.3 perfect condition

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 I sell my Mach2.3 moth, few used !!! All in SUPER condition and no scratches on foils or hull.
Located at Lago Maggiore. 17500.- SFR.
Boat number: 4398

Mast: Medium Bottom, Stiff Top Double Hound Mast with long forestay
Mach2.3 Hi Modulus Extra Stiff Tapered Boom Upgrade
Mach2.3 Low Profile Front WIng Bars & Low Mast Stump
Mach2.3 Outer Wing Bar Upgrade
Mach2.3 Vertical Foils
Mach2.3 Front Horizontal Foil
Mach2.3 Gearing
Mach2.3 Adjustable Wand
Mach2.3 Ride Height Adjuster
Sail MSL16.5
Mach2.3 Low Drag Wing Cover – BLUE
New Vang. New Cunningham
All Covers and Bags
A new (2) beach trailer not used! (Mach2Boats).
No Box.
More pics available.