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MACH2 2.3 FRA4162

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 mach 2 2.3 FRA 4162 for sale

the boat is fully equiped and ready to race, it has been professionnaly maintained in an offshore racing team shed.
one of the fastest boat in France, 13th of the last european championship and 2nd of the last French national championship.

the boat comes with:

-DSK 99 shrouds and forestay
-canting mast system

2 sails,:
-1 training sail lennon A1M
-1 super good condition H14 north sail,

brand new 2.4 aero tramps
– Long vertical rudder 2.3
– Long vertical front 2.3
– vertical front
2.3 medium anhedral rudder
2.3 Medium front horizontal
2.3 front early lift
medium match 2.3 mast
Stiff mach 2.3 boom
All 2.3 fittings
continious lines
Adjustable wand and gearing
Mach 2 travel woodenbox
Mach 2 trolley
All covers


in option for 1000€:
-1 high modulus kinked boom
-1 2017 Lennon A3m sailed 10 time perfect condition
-1 small rudder foil made by SEAir, high aspect ratio, very fast

Located in Lorient France
Contact: watsap +33662536643