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Mach 2 USA 4026 – 16,500USD – Lightly Used

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 USA 4026 is for sale, lightly used, been in storage since January ’17

Mach 2 4026

1x MSL16.1
1x North H13D

Foils: all foils painted and faired
1x 2.0 Front Vert
1x Med Main Horizontal
1x 2.0 rudder
1x Medium Anhedral Horizontal
1x 2.3 Rudder vert

2.3 aero tramps
Custom Titanium and Stainless mast and stump plugs
Spare tramps
Lowered Mast stump and wing bars
Mach 2 Mast
Mach 2 Boom
CST Kinked Boom
Mach 2 Fiberglass box
Mach 2 Boat, boom, mast, foil covers
Tons of spare parts
adjustable wand and gearing
Mach2 dolly

16,500 USD obo
Currently Located in Tampa, FL