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Mach 2 AUS 4156 For Sale!

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 – Lowered mast stump
– Custom carbon cleat mounts on wing bars, has vang, cunno, outhaul
-Adjustable forestay and canting rig
– Mach 2 Aero tramps
– 2.3 Adjustable wand set up
– 2.2 Ride height adjuster
– 2.2 Bow mechanism
– KA 16.31 Sail
– Medium Mach 2 Mast
– Kinked CST Boom
– Mach 2 boom
– Macita main foil (painted and faired)
– Mach 2 small main foil (painted and faired)
– Small Mach 2 Anhedral Rudder (painted and faired)
– Mach 2.3 front vertical foil (painted)
– Mach 2.3 Rudder vertical
-Mach 2 boat cover, all foil covers, spreader bag, sail cover included
-Fiberglass mach 2 travel box
-Other miscellaneous spares include, old wing tramps, spare push rod, spare tiler extension, spare side stays & forestays
The boat is currently in Perth. I can also help arrange shipping anywhere if needed.
I can’t seem
Asking 23,000 AUD