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Mach 2 4431, Mach 2 factory boat. All upgrades, 21000 euro

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 Hi all, I am selling my mach 2. Pretty new boat and has all of the CURRENT AND FUTURE upgrades as it was part of the KA sailing team for the 2017 worlds, with a lot of top 10 finishes in the gold fleet.
The boat comes with:
-New-Decksweeping rig (MSH) as used by all top mach 2’s
– MSL 17 used only at 1 ragatta
– 2.4 rudder vertical and small Horizontal
– 2.3 rudder vertical and small horizontal
– 2 x 2.4 main verticals, both with new bellcrank
– Small front foil
– Reinforced hull and super stiff Ultra High Modulus wingbars with no compression bars
– Cleats mounted on the wingbars as per new Mach 2 configuration
– Deckplate on which all purchase can be run to as per new Mach 2 configuration
– Mach 2 carbon bowsprit with gearing adjuster
– Decksweeper Fairing
– New Mach 2 Hydranet stiff wing tramps with zips
– Stiffened Bent mach 2 Boom
– Fiberglass travel box
– Canting rig and easily setup rake adjustment
– Gantry Fairing
– New design of wand paddle
or find me on facebook: Gian Ferrighi