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Mach 2 – 4391

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 Mach 2 For Sale – IRL 4391

Currently in Dublin, Ireland.

M2 Medium Mast with double hounds
M2 Stiff boom kinked to 12 degrees
M2.3 front wing bars and low mast stump
M2.3 Outer wing bars
M2.3 Front and rear verticals – Durepox and faired (White)
M2 Medium anhedral rudder – Durepox and faired (White)
M2.3 Front large early lift foil – Durepox and faired (White)
M2.2 Bow mech with Hales micro blocks
M2.3 adjustable wand changed to telescopic with Hales micro blocks
M2.3 Ride Height Adjuster with Hales micro blocks
M2.3 Continuous downhaul
M2.3 Continuous vang
KA Sail 16.5 – (Black)
M2.3 Low drag wing covers (Black)

Wooden shipping box – fibreglass box could possibly be organised at a little extra cost

Boat in great condition with no damage. Only selling due to health reasons – unfortunately!