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GBR 4100 – The Chopper

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 Brief Spec (full ad below):
Ellway designed hullshape
Exocet Main foil
Exocet Rudder Foil, exocet tiller & extension
Exocet & Ctech wingbars
Bowsprit With telescopic wand
Ctech Medium-stiff mast
2 x North H14 Sails
Mach2 Stiff Boom, spare repaired ctech boom
adjustable gearing
Harken / holt fitout, new ropes for garda worlds 2017.
£11000 – price negotiable, new boat coming, try me!.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a legendary and up to speed one-off international moth. Extremely well built boat with Exocet important bits.
£11000 ONO
Kevin Ellway designed hullshape, low volume design similar to his highly successful exocet and ninja designs.
Hull plug created by master craftsman Alex Koukourakis (see ak woodworking for an example or two of his attention to detail) and built up from there by Alex and Phil of AtomikUK High Performance Sailing. A
Boat was then sent to Simon Maguire of Maguire Boats who fitted the rudder gantry and aligned all the foils and fitted the control system.
Boat is very strong and stiff, and has had no structural failures.
Front wing bars are exocet with aero section compression struts.
Side wing bars are Ctech round (soooo comfy to hike off!!)
Rear wing bars are Ctech
Trampolines are hydranet cat style, laced style that makes them really easy to fit / removed. Trampolines were refurbished in October this year with new outer panels and lacing rods.
Full set of Exocet Foils (large) complete with full set of foil bags – the same set of foils that have won pretty much every major moth regatta since 2013… nearly 6k of foils alone here..
Exocet tiller & extension and associated internals. All replaced may 2017.
Control Systems:
Custom made super strong full carbon bowsprit utilising exocet geometry for gearing radius etc
Exocet ride heght adjuster
Exocet ‘bent rod’ type adjustable gearing lead out to the control lines –fully on the fly adjustable
Continuous wand length adjustment that runs nice and freely with a large degree of range, from send it high in the flat to send it hard in the chop…
All pushrods and stainless components are 4 / 6 or 8mm 316 stainless for strength and reliability.
2 x north H14 sails, one in amazing condition, one in club racing / training condition, full set of battens with both.
Ctech Medium stiff mast which works well across the wind range. Female type plug. Always used with chafe tapes to prevent unnecessary cam wear.
Maguire prodder. Stainless stays replaced July 2017.
Mach2 stiff boom, fixed outhaul although it has all the fittings there if you wanted to return it to being adjustable (bimblers and control line junkies – Rejoice!)
Spare Ctech rectangle tapered section boom (repaired) , will need mainsheet fittings gluing back on. Ideal to cut and kink!
Blocks and fittings:
Harken deck cleats for kicker and cunno. Holt-allen deck cleats for gearing
Allen high-load kicker blocks in 32:1 configuration. Harken cunno blocks in 12:1 configuration. Tons of range in both.
Re-roped before Garda worlds with Marlow SK78 & Kingfisher Evo –Breeze. Brand new marlow excel fusion mainsheet.
How fast is it??:
Well, that’s the question you’ve all wanted answered isn’t it…
Full set of exocet foils means this boat is easy to handle once flying, and outright straight line pace is around that of a 2.3 kitted mach2 or similar.
Much quicker than anything else in this price-range.
Other stuff:
The boat will be supplied with a smith covers over cover in good watertight condition
Boat supplied with measurement certificate for hull and both sails
Maguire trolley with fitted cradle – rock solid on the roofrack!
Hyde carbon weave reinforced toe-straps

Boat is located in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
I am willing to meet somewhere for a serious buyer
I can deliver to the Plymouth – Roscoff ferry for a European buyer.