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For Sale – Rocket/Exocet GBR 4409

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 Roxette is for sale, built in May 2016 and heavily upgraded, this boat has a proven track record.

Race results:

– Winner of the Dutch and Irish National Championship 2017
– Top 5 at the British National Championship 2017 and 2018 (including a race win)
– Winner of many Grand prix events


Rocket hull and wings (2016)
CST E22 short mast (2016)
CST Kinked boom (2016)
Two sets of tramps
Exocet small rudder incl. tiller and mechanism (2016)
Extra strong C2 tiller extension
Exocet small main foil (2017)
Exocet large main foil with fixed tips (2018)
Almost new Lennon A3.5M (2018)

Comes ready to race with bowsprit, adjustable bias, gearing, telescopic wand etc. and trolly, padded foil bags, padded spar bags, top cover.