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FOR SALE: Mach 2.3 4374 – Great Condition

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FOR SALE: Mach 2.3 4374 – Great Condition
Boat new January 2016
Boat competed in Garda Moth Worlds 2017
Has had little other Sailing due to other commitments
Mach 2.3 rudder vertical and Mach 2.3 medium anhedral
Mach 2.3 main vertical
Mach 2.3 high lift horizontal (painted and faired)
Mach 2 medium double hound mast
Mach 2.3 Boom
KA MSL 16.5
Mach 2.3 Lowered mast stump
Mach 2.3 aero wing bars
Mach 2.3 Tramps (white)
Mach 2.3 Adjustable wand
Mach 2.3 adjustable bow mechanism with gearing adjuster
Mach 2.3 prodder
All new ropes and rigging
Mach 2 fibreglass travel box
Mach 2 Boat cover and trolley
PM for any more details
Price: 19,950 euro