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Exocet for sale – lime green

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I am going to be selling my Exocet at the end of Garda foiling week. It’s an October 17 boat in lime green with all the extras which were available at the time. The boat has not been used apart from putting the rig up to check a few bits. I have 2 sets of foils (rudder has the small and large horizontal which is changeable), new high wings, newest lennon (which is yet to be delivered and used), c-tec 3b mast, Maguire boom. The boat is mint and will be hard to find another one on the market with so little use

I will use the boat for 7 days in Garda and then I am happy for it to go to a new home.

This is my 4th Exocet.

Simon Maguire is aware the boat is up for sale and would provide a background on me if needed.

Please do contact me on 07519629552 or if your interested.