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Exocet 4037

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 SOLD: Exocet 4037

  • Gold fleet boat in the recent Garda worlds
  • Available directly after the Bermuda worlds
  • Blue hull, great condition
  • Black aero tramps, brand new
  • CST22 mast, 1 year old
  • CST 15 degree bent boom, 1 year old, bend join professionally wrapped with extra carbon from new
  • Lennon A4M, carbon battens
  • Big rudder, recently faired
  • Big main foil, recently faired
  • Low rig
  • Bowsprit
  • Continuous kicker and cunningham
  • Reinforced foredeck to deal with kicker loads
  • All work and maintenance done at Maguire boats
  • Covers
  • Trolly
  • Fibreglass transport box negotiable