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Bladerider X8

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 Moth Bladerider X8 3286 (2008)

Customized Ride height adjuster
X8 original sail (worn off but still usable)
MSL10 sail (new 2013, bought in 2015, good state)
Original foils (professionaly faired and painted 2016), come with padded bags
Original, mast + prodder + boom, come with padded bag
Cover (new 2017, Hyde)

1 tramp (a bit worn off but will do the job if needed)
Various parts (bow mechanism, bell cranck, tiller gudgeon etc), refer to pictures

Pictures available here:

Boat is located close to Toulouse (France). I sailed it in fresh water only, for the last 3 years. It is currently dry stored.
I am selling it because new boat is coming in…this one makes me addict of foiling.