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AUS4063 Mach 2 For Sale – FULL OF UPGRADES

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 AUS4063 – MACH 2 For Sale

Boat is in excellent condition and has been care for extremely well. It is a fast boat and provided many top results. No expense has been spared with this boat and always had the best gear available.

All foils are faired and in perfect racing condition
Main Horizontal – Macita (10 months old)
Main Vertical – 2.4 Mach 2 (Brand New)
Rudder Horizontal – 2.4 Mach 2 (medium)
Rudder Vertical – 2.3 Mach 2 (reinforced at the attachment)
Spare – 2.0 rudder vertical and modified small 2.0 horizontal
Lennon A4M (excellent condition 10 months old)
MSL16.31 (Great condition)
MSL16.0 (cut down for a smaller rigger/decksweeper prototype, still a work in progess)
CST 21 – perfectly suited to the A4M in all round conditions
Mach 2 Medium – Slightly softer than the 21 and good for those light guys on the windy days
CST Elite 3 – This has been cut down to fit the cut down MSL16.0
CST 10Deg kinked Boom including custom vang lever
2.3 Outter wing bar upgrade
Lowered Mast Stump as far as it can go while keeping compression struts for additional strength
Custom kinked front wing bars, to allow greater righting moment and slight aero gain
Custom deck layout to including easy adjustment of rig cant and gearing
Deck modifications to allow 2.3 ride height adjuster
standard vang and cunno attachment points
Continuously spliced control lines, all in high quality Lancelin Rope
Automatic outhaul adjustment control
2.4 Aero wing tramps, very clean set up
Carbonix bowsprit
Custom Telescopic adjustable wand, Easy to use
Custom push rod assembly to remove slop in linkages
2.3 Custom ride height adjuster with brass insert for easy adjustment
Mach2 2.4 gearing upgrade
Boat comes with fiberglass travel box and many spares to revert boat back to original layout
Can be boxed and shipped anywhere in the world at the customers expense. Boat is located in Australia
USD $19500

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