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AUS3770 – Juicy

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 2010 Mach 2 hull ready to race and in Perth, Australia. Just completed the 2017 Garda worlds. The hull is a little older but has never leaked, and the boat has been fully upgraded ahead of the 2017 worlds.

Re-rigged ahead of 2017 worlds, with ropes fully spliced. Hull includes adjustable forestay, lowered mast stump, black aero tramps, and wing bar cleats. Control systems set up for reliability and ease of use, fully adjustable on the fly.

The bowsprit uses the latest ‘Bugscam’ control system, with a cam used to determine the feedback and control at each point in the ride height.

The boat also includes the Mach2.2 + 2.3 adjustable wand (spare fixed wand also included), with the latest ride height adjuster updated to use bronze bushings. Adjustable gearing at the bellcrank.

1 x Masts – Medium Mach2

Kinked Mach 2 Boom with lever – work professionally done. Reinforcement added to top wall to prevent crushing under vang loads.

1 x MSL17.0 (used for 2017 worlds only)
1 x KA MSL16.5 (1 still in great condition, used for 2016 Worlds and Nationals only)
1 x KA MSL13C (old – good for spare cams!)

Main Foils:
1 x Horizontal Mach 2 Small (new for 2015 –faired)
1 x Horizontal Mach 2.3 High-lift (2016 – faired)
Vertical 2.0 (painted and faired).

1 x Vertical Mach2.3 (painted and faired, new for 2015). Modified to suit 2.4 rudder plug.
1 x Horizontal 2.4 Small Anhedral

1 x cut down large horizontal (can be a useful spare to keep in the box)

FRP Travel Box, Boat & Foil Covers all included.

$17,500 AUD – I can pack up ready to ship anywhere

Also available:
1 x Horizontal Mach2 Medium anhedral (painted and faired)
1 x SuperStiff Mach 2
1 x KA MSL16.5 (1 still in great condition, used for 2016 Worlds and Nationals only)