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AUS 3905 Mach2

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 Mach2 3905.
$A19,000 €13,000
Sydney, Australia
Too many toys. 3 moths is too many. My Mach2 is available for someone who wants a boat which is way faster than I can sail it. Comes with long verticals, choice of quite afew horizontals, Lennon sail, M2 stiff mast, bent CST boom, Tansport box too if needed. Lots of spares and options.
Boat is 3905, new in 2012, done all the worlds and Aust nationals since Campioni. Original wings, new tramps prior to Malcesine.
Bowsprit, wand lenth adjuster, vang lever, all the mod cons.
Because I have enough gear for three boats there are a few options at different prices:
1. Full package, all the best gear as I used at Garda worlds. Std hull and wings, tramps new for garda, bowsprit, all the adjustments except cant and rake. Still M2 mast, Lennon A3 with carbon battens and cams. Latest CST bent boom with lever. Long M2.2 vertical CB with Croker built, 3 month old Macita horizontal. Long Lister rudder with a small home made horizontal. $A19,000
2. Small person package, same as above with an A1m Lennon sail (Glass battens, plastic cams, I bought this used in Garda and have not ever used it, and it will need the number changed.) with a little less luff curve. M2 original small or older macita mainfoil instead of the new Macita. $A18,000
3. Budget package A. Substitute an older heavier bent CST boom. Another set of long verticals made by lengthenning a standard set (not as skinny at the bottom.) The older Macita mainfoil I made from their mold, (with slighty bigger bulb to allow std M2 CB without trimming the peg.) Slightly bigger rudder horizontal. A1m Lennon. $A17,000
4. Budget package B. Heavy boom, Std M2 short verticals. Thinner home build main foil I used in Hobart Nationals. Bigger rudder foil. North H13 or H14 sail. $A15,000
All the foils have a 2 pack finish sanded to 2000 grit w&d. All the normal stuff not listed like trolley, stays, spreaders, tiller etc plus the boat cover and foil covers all included with the boat.
I can probably mix and match a few things, and I also have the following not included above:
* KA MSL16.1 which has had the luff recut to match the Lennon A3 (like the MSL17), this is from one of my other boats, not been on 3905 so would need the sail number changed. Probably same valve as A1m Lennon but more powerful for a heavier person.
* choice of 2 home made Macitas
* 2 versions of the (Hobart) home made main horiz, one slightly shorter than the other.
* An original M2 large rudder horizontal with sexy thinned tips.
* a CTech mast, maybe a bit softer than the M2 stiff I have included above. Might suit a light person. (I decided to keep my two favourite CST masts so I can mix and match parts)
* Mach2 fibreglass travel box, been around the world several times. Cost $A1800 new on M2 shop site. Included if needed, price negotiable. Still looking for a newer photo.
Phil Stevenson 0448390448

October 2017 update.
We have a carnet problem. The freight company who transported the Aus boats back from Garda lost one of the Carnet documents. This seems to mean 2 things. The 12 of us involved each do not get our $AK6 deposits back for another 2 years, and if our boats go overseas in the next two years and some other country makes an import duty claim, we do not get it back at all. So I canot sell it out of Aust until this is sorted or the time expires. Sorry to the few OS people who have enquired, I will stay in touch if the position majically improves.
Meanwhile if someone in Aust who has no plans to take or sell the boat outside Aust in the next 2 years, is interested, the boat is still on the market.
Phil S