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Sold!- Mach 2.3 4401- Sold!

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 Hi there,

I am selling my beautiful and almost new Mach 2.3 in absolut great conditions.
Since its delivery in March 2016 the boat has not been sailed more than 20 times (work, work, work…) and always parked under a roof (never got direct sunlight).
Also, the hull, sail, foils and all the gear look almost new due to very little usage and detailed care from my side.
Boat never suffered high loads due to little sailing and my tender weight (60 Kg) 😉

The boat competed in Garda Moth Worlds 2017 (this was basically the only time the boat was seriously sailing) and got a brand new gearing adjuster.

My offer includes:

Mach 2.3 vertical rudder and Mach 2.3 small anhedral
Mach 2.3 main vertical and Mach 2.3 small horizontal
Mach 2 medium mast
Mach 2.3 modified S-shaped boom (professionally done by a Mach2 recommended composite factory)
Mach 2.3 Lowered mast stump
Mach 2.3 black aero wing bars in really great conditions, almost no signs of usage
Mach 2.3 Adjustable wand
Mach 2.3 adjustable bow mechanism with gearing adjuster
KA MSL 16.5, officially measured including second set of sailing numbers ready for a new sail
New ropes and continuous systems for the worlds 2017
Mach 2 fibreglass travel box included
Mach 2 Boat cover and trolley

Pictures and videos can be found here:

Location 6612- Ascona, Switzerland.

I am selling SUI 4401 for CHF 20’500.- or equivalent in Euro 17’600.-