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4392 Mach 2 For Sale

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2016 Hull (Still under 2 year factory warranty)
Includes flat wing bars, lowered mast stump (Reinforced), wing bar cleats, Aero tramps (White), Rudder gantry, alloy dolly and covers. Boat has been fitted with all Harken and Titanium bolts for anti corrosion and weight reduction.

Rigging and Sails
2x Sails (Ka16.5 Ka13.1)
1x CST Rig
1x CST Kinked boom (15deg)
2x spreder sets (one cut down for 14+)
1x Rod rigging
1x durable dyform rigging)
Full continuous vang and internal boom cunningham as well and bungee take up. Low stretch and tuned for maximum range of controls.

Foils: (All foils professionally painted and faired)
2 x 2.3 Front Verticals
1 x 2.3 Rudder Vertical
1 x small horizontal set (small Main and small rudder)
1 x High lift set (Macita High lift and medium rudder)

Fitted: Prepreg carbon bowsprit with ceramic bearing bow mechanism. Adjustable gearing on top of foils for better on the fly adjustment. Telescopic wand.
Spare: 2.3 gearing and ride height adjusters and stock adjustable wand.

Boat is is great condition and is ready for immediate racing. Message me for photos. Able to ship to 2017 Garda worlds or anywhere in the world.

24500.00USD or nearest offer