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2009 World Champion Mach 2

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 This is your chance to own a piece of Moth history, and if you can’t win a World Championship on her, well, it’s not the boat…

One of approximately 10 un-numbered hulls from the highly desirable original production run, this is the craft that Bora thrashed to victory at the ’09 Worlds. While this boat should probably be in the Smithsonian or launched into geosynchronous orbit on a Falcon Heavy, I am no Elon Musk, and so my loss is your gain.

This carbon love missile is in great shape. New to Moths? Perfect. Grab a new (or used) mainsail, and start your journey to world domination. Badass foiling gunslinger already? You know what to do. She hasn’t been extensively upgraded since I got her from Bora, which means you have a blank slate to pimp this ride into championship form.

Currently on the US East Coast. Asking $12,000 USD or 281.6 grams of pure gold. Up to you.

POSSIBLE free delivery on the East Coast, if you act fast.