The International Moth

The International Moth is a unique and complex boat that requires a reasonable level of sailing ability to get the best out of it and an engineering mind to enjoy the technical aspect of the class. Innovation is at the forefront of the class spirit and many homebuilt boats can be seen in fleets across the world.

As a development class, the boat does move forward each year in terms of technological advances in control systems and foils and many people are put off by this however, not everyone will want to race at the highest level and there are many people in the class that enjoy the sailing and social aspects at events.

Anyone who sails a moth will tell you the rewards far outweigh the cost and the experience will be with you for the rest of your life. This is one of the reasons that the class continues to grow year on year.

When choosing a boat, budget is often the deciding factor and bargains can be had but remember, if it's too good to be true.. it is. Enjoy browsing the site and always check with others in the class if you are unsure of the pedigree of a boat for sale.

How Mothmart Ads Work?

In order to place an advert, you must register. This helps to reduce the number of fraudulent users and scammers that are attracted to sites such as this. Once registered, if a scammer is flagged up, we can use the information to trace the user and remove any suspicious ads.

You can upload up to four pictures and one video (youtube embed link). Try to be as accurate as possible when describing your boat.

When placing the ad, you do not need to enter a “Sale Price" unless you intend to drop the original price.

Please note, if you do not wish your phone number to be visible, do not enter it in your profile page.

The service is entirely free to use.

How Can I Contact Seller?

If you wish to start messaging conversation with the seller first create an account. Once you have created your account navigate to any of their ads and you will notice a button for sending a message. A list of you messages is available on your profile.


This site is for buying and selling used international moths. This is a free to use service provided on a voluntary basis and the owner of the site accepts no liability for fraudulent use so please beware of false adverts and report them immediately.

How To Report an Ad?

If you feel that an ad  is breaking any rules or you suspect it to be a scam or fraudulent, you can report it directly from the ad page by clicking on the Report button and writing a detailed reason. The advert will remain active until the administrator investigates and if found to be fake, removed.