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Prodder/spreader for Mach2

Number of Views: 114

Looking for a prodder/spreader to Mach 2 in good condition.

Decksweeper mast and sail wanted

Number of Views: 87

Looking for a decksweeper sail and mast. Will consider any brand, once it is in good shape.

If its at the worlds I could get it from the container going to Hayling.

Email ali dot or facebook

Ali Kissane

Wanted Mast

Number of Views: 117

CST 21 / 22 or Ctech equivalent




Sail Wanted

Number of Views: 271

Looking for a fairly up to date sail To fit low stump boat with a 2017 length ctech 03 + bent boom

Any condition considered, something well used for training or something newish to use for opens / euros etc

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