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Mach 2 rudder complete or vertical wanted

Number of Views: 78

Lost the rudder foil of my bladerider. So I´m looking for a new one. Preferably longer, stiffer and more current 😉 A regular Mach 2.0 rudder should be good enough. Who wants to get rid of a good one, please email:


Wanted low rider

Number of Views: 69

Wanted Low rider Moth ideally in the South East / South location , ready to sail .Looking for a moth to introduce me to the class Magnum 5,6 or 7 or Axeman 6 or 7 unless other advice on a new to ...READ MORE

Mach 2 vertical wanted.

Number of Views: 58

Mach 2 vertical wanted for Garda worlds.



Mach 2 vertical wanted.

Number of Views: 75

Mach 2 vertical wanted for Garda worlds.


Early Lift or Macita foil wanted!

Number of Views: 186

hello guys, I am looking for an early lift foil or Macita which fith to a Mach 2.0 vertical, or need some modification. Any solution is welcomed. Thank you in advance.

looking for used ninja or rocket mainfoil

Number of Views: 151

title says it all, I am looking for a complete mainfoil from a Ninja or Rocket (or similar…)


Searching for a budget main vertical (Mach, Rocket, Bladerider)

Number of Views: 213

I am searching for a budget vertical (daggerboard). Could be damaged as well.I am aiming for 500€ or less and am located in Germany.

Thanks in advance

Looking for older foils

Number of Views: 262

Looking for older main foil (vertical & horizontal) for my boat. Fastacraft, Ninja, Bladerider, or anything else will do. It doesn’t have to be perfect either, but at least in a fairly easily repairable condition. A one piece foil is fine as ...READ MORE

Wanted Exocet Box

Number of Views: 143

Hi Looking to buy a Exocet box preferably after the words in Lake Garda.