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2 identical rudder horizontals wanted

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Looking for a pair of identical rudder winglets, slightly damaged also okay. (Will be repurposed as rudder stabilizers on a catamaran)

If you have only a one horizontal foil for sale, let me know too.

Looking For A Boom

Number of Views: 109

Looking for a boom for sale, preferably bent (CST or C-Tech) but would take a straight for the right price to get me back on the water whilst mine is repaired.

Located in (very) south west uk and would likely need seller ...READ MORE

Looking for 2.3 or 2.4 main vertical

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Grahame 0419406830


Wanted: Lennon A3M & CST 20-21

Number of Views: 146

Looking for:

– Lennon A3M sail with carbon battens

– CST E20 or E21 mast (or C-Tech 65-70kg equivalent).

Ideally a few races/half season old material. Based in London.

Wanted – Mach 2 main vertical.

Number of Views: 171

Any version and condition considered.

moth for sale

Number of Views: 116

I am looking for a complete moth in fair or good conditions, without structural damage, possibly visible in italy. email: or here. Thanks in advance.


looking for Lennon a3m / a4m / North M7

Number of Views: 176

looking for Lennon a3m / a4m / North M7

i’ll look for all offers


Looking for a mach 2.3

Number of Views: 198

Hi all,

i’m looking for a mach 2.3 in EU.

arround 15k EUR

i’ll consider all offer.


Wanted – Exoceet Moth

Number of Views: 129

Hi I’m looking for a new or used (2017) Exoceet Moth.



Wanted – Moth for Perth, Australia

Number of Views: 170

Hi there

Looking for a 2nd hand moth in excellent condition. Ideally located in Australia to be delivered to Perth. Mach 2.3 or Exocet with training/racing combinations all considered.

Cheers Gav Parker

Wanted Mach 2 – £10500

Number of Views: 245

Looking for first Moth max budget £10,500 U.K based.

Any help appreciated.