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Mach 2 GER 3711 for sale

Number of Views: 238

 Hi, I`m selling my Mach 2. It comes with:

  • 2 KA MSL 16.1
  • Mach 2.1 bow mechanism
  • Adjustable wand
  • boat cover
  • Mach 2 standard foils
  • hull from 2010
  • Located in South Germany,
  • Price is negotiable, 9.800€
  • Ask for more pictures.
  • Email:
  • ...READ MORE

    Mach 2 GER 3389

    Number of Views: 202

     Frühlings Angebot ! Verkaufe meine Mach 2 die sich in sehr gutem Zustand befindet. Das Boot steht am Ammersee, in der Nähe von München, wurde fast nur in Süßwasser gesegelt und ist sofort einsatzfähig. Sie kann bei Interesse auch Probe gesegelt werden.

    Segel ...READ MORE

    Waszp 2061 for sale – London

    Number of Views: 263

    Great condition as very lightly used. Started dating my now wife two months after taking delivery so used much less planned. Great boat. At Queen Mary.

    All standard stuff in very good condition.

    Keen for a quick sale so please make me ...READ MORE


    Bladerider X8 for sale (Germany)

    Number of Views: 245

     Bladerider X8 (built 2008, no. 3126) in good condition for sale

    skinny CST mast with CST boom (for 85 kg) standard mast with standard boom 3 KA sails: Two in good condition, one in bad condition (patched) for training upgraded with ride height ...READ MORE

    MACH2 3842

    Number of Views: 698

     MACH2 Moth 3842 for sale. One owner. Includes: Sails: MSL 16.5 – used for 14 days, MSL 16.1 and MSL 10c – training sails (all measured with certificates) Front foils: small M2 horizontal, big M2 horizontal, standard vertical Rear foils: medium M2 ...READ MORE

    mach2 #4299

    Number of Views: 466

    Hull n 4299 from 2015 -Long Vertical Rudder -Medium Rudder Anhedral 2.3h Horizontal -Long Vertical Main Foil -Horizontal 2.3 Small Main Foil -Mach 2 kinked boom 20´ -KA 16.5 -Medium Mast Mach 2 -Low Mast Step -Bow Sprit shock sailing -2.3 Tramps ...READ MORE



    Number of Views: 480

     Great first foiler immaculate condition. New Trams. New cover. £10,000 2x KA sails. Ready to sail. Good road trailer with boxes. Mach2 box. Located Kent Contact Howard –

    Mach 2 FRA 3746 for sale

    Number of Views: 856

     For sale Mach 2 FRA3746 Boat well maintained and ready to sail. Located in Lorient Brittany France. I sell it because of lack of time. 2 X 2.0 front vertical 2.0 medium horizontal Early lift horizontal 2.0 rudder vertical Medium rudder horizontal ...READ MORE

    Mach 2 NED-4289

    Number of Views: 514

     2015 Mach 2.3 NED-4289 for sale. -KA 16.5 -North 13 -MACH2 stiff mast and boom -2.3 Medium rudder and Main foil -Controls on wingbar -extra set of custom wing covers

    Options: Extra set of foils, 2.3 small and 2.3 early lift available ...READ MORE


    Bladerider X8, 3253

    Number of Views: 493

     Bladerider X8 sail number 3253 for sale, 2 mains one X8 and one North Sails. Hull recently re-skimmed with carbon so like new. Folis in good condition, padded bags for foils and spars New Launching trolley in 2016 Ideal first foiler £4,000 ...READ MORE

    Rocket super fast main foil

    Number of Views: 284

     Rocket super fast Large main foil with wing leds horizontal

    Rocket Main Foil standart

    Number of Views: 197

     selling my Rocket Main Foil standart