Mach 2 4065

Very low mast stump, additional 40mm lower wang attachment

Custom made titanium eccentric mast stump, (reversed pin)

Bow sprit, gearing system on deck

Cst Elite 4 mast A3M, adjustable spreader, forestay and shrouds

Kinked boom 19°, extra stiff M40J carbon fiber

All wing bars reinforced where needed, compression strut connected together for a stiffer platform, cleats on wing bar.

Small main foil, complete

2.3 rudder and 2.3 small anhedral foil, reinforced rudder and Igus bushes

Aero and hydro gantry fairing, trolley, cover, sun cover

Spare parts :

spare bow sprit push rod, spare wand, Foils jigs

CAD drawing for tramps, CAD drawing for sail geometry


Early lift main foil (horizontal only)1000euros

Fiber glass travel box  500euros

Road trailer, custom made for the boat, new bearings and tires 2500 euros

A package is negotiable for the right buyer

The boat is currently in south of France, Contact me for more details 

email: president at mothfr dot com

details pictures available here!ArQHVaRQZvmIhDS9tMtKZ0UjOu09?e=kDuBcQ