-Option of Aero front wing bars without struts

-KA MSH5 Deck Sweeper sail, fast in all wind ranges, in good condition (2019).

-Shortened Mach 2 Stiff mast with gooseneck, to suit the MSH5 Deck Sweeper.

-Adjustable Exocet Prodder/spreader

-Dyneema Sk99 stays/shrouds

-Reinforced Mach 2 boom, kinked 15º, with lever and boom outhaul pin system

-Extra lowered mast stump (lower than 2.3)

-2.4 rudder vertical

-2.4 rudder anhedral horizontal ,small

-2.4 main vertical

-Blueworks ONE main horizontal foil. The foil is anhedral and fast in a large range of wind conditions.

Same as the one used by Josh McKnight to dominate the early 2019 Australian Nationals, and the one that won the 2018 and 2019 Japan Nationals (Hiroki Goto). https://www.facebook.com/BlueWorksInc/


-2.5 Carbon hull reinforcement plates mounted on the front sockets. Ready to receive Curved Aero Front wing bars, without struts

-2.4 Deck Plate to use the Mach2.4 fitting layout configuration

-2.4 Cleat Plates on front wing bars

-2.4 Aero tramps

-Adjustable deck running forestay (Rake)

-1:36 deck running Downhaul/Cunningham

-1:48 Vang with high load blocks

-High load block to tie the boom vang system to the loop around the mast base, makes easier to tack, is similar to Karver block now delivered with new Exocets

-2.4 Ride Height Adjuster, with a thicker, single piece rod, from RHA to the front of the Bowsprit (less connections)


-GRP Travel Box included

-Trolley, boat and foil covers included.

Price 14.800 €

Staying in Cascais, Portugal, can be shipped at buyer’s expense


-Strong custom aero curved front wing bars (2.5 style), no struts. Similar shape as used by Rob Greenhalgh in Perth Worlds. Includes conversion of tramps for the new wing bars. Price is 700 € if bought together with the boat

-Mach2 Main Horizontal Small, with customized tips, similar to Swift small, less tip turbulence/drag. Price is 550 € if bought together with the boat.

-CHPS Decksweeper Sail, bought from Tom Burton, little used, in very good condition. Similar to the new NorthSails design, flatter and with bigger DS area. See separate add on this page for details. Fits very well on this Mach2 stiff mast.Price is 1500 € if bought together with the boat.