selling my fastacraft prowler mk4 built in 2007 due to lack of time and space

“special foiling unit” was sailed by John Illet at the 2007 worlds on lake garda and owned by Peter Stuffer for one year

boat comes with:

-fastacraft generation two two-piece foils with longer rudder

-ka msl 12 sail

-fastacraft sail


-adjustable wand

-ride hight adjuster

-foilcovers, boatcover, trolley, spare wands, spare pieces

boat was unfortunately sailed very rarely and has seen close to no saltwater. not more than 40 times out in the last 9 years

super strong and relyable hull that wont beat recent design but is really fast, stable and fun. might be your option to get into the sport

any questions any time on the phone +49 176 5685 0754 or per mail ->mschulzmerkel at gmx dot de

currently based in salzwedel between hamburg and berlin, germany, will travel towards switzerland until beginning os december and be taken to spain by january

price is in €!