Mach 2 GBR 4067

A great example of a Mach 2 with some great mods and great gear. Many hours spent on mods. A fantastic example!

-Cleats on wing barsĀ 

-3D printed bowsprit

-New ropes throughout

-Mach 2 mast

-New C-Tech 3b

-New C-Tech 03

-KA training sail

-Lennon sail good condition but needs a small repair

-Brand new north M7 only used once with carbon battens

-Mach 2 kinked boom internal cunningham and vang lever

-New C-Tech kinked boom internal cunningham with vang lever

-Lowered mast stump with spare

-Aero tramps

-Re-inforced foredeck

-Sk99 dyneema Rigging

-Early lift foil with upright

-Main foil with upright

-Large and small rudder foil

-Fibreglass travel box

-Highload vang blocks

Please get in contact for more pictures and I will share you onto a Dropbox!