Great boat to learn moth sailing and race

Mach 2 medium mast

2.4 low drag aero tramps – fitted summer 2019 and barely used

2.4 vertical main foil – new 2019

Mach 2 high lift horizontal main foil

Mach 2 medium horizontal main foil

2.3 Vertical rear foil – 2017

Small Anhedral horizontal

Spare 2.3 vertical rear foil (repaired but full strength)

Adjustable prodder plus spare prodder

Shock bowsprit with in boat gearing and ride height adjuster, all control lines adjustable from sailing position

3 sails

Custom lennon with carbon battens

KA sails MSL 16.3 & 16.1

Dry hull, not had any issues or repairs

Location near Hayling Island

Other parts available:

Original wand and ride height adjuster from before bowsprit conversion