Selling mach2.5, purchased November 2019. 

Sail number 4617


  • Mach2 hull and fittings
  • Mach2 bowsprit
  • Mach2 aero wings, with hyrdanet (low stretch) tramps
  • Mach2 Super stiff mast
  • Mach2 Bent boom, upgraded with high load Harken vang fittings
  • KA MSH5 sail
  • Mach2.4 rudder horizontal + vertical
  • Mach2.4 main vertical
  • Mach2.41 main horizontal
  • All foils recently professionally painted and fared with durepox
  • Boat, foil and mast covers included
  • Fibreglass travel box

The boat was new in the weeks leading up to the worlds in Perth and has been maintained and improved since. 

Boat is in Perth, Western Australia.

Still a year within its warranty period with Mach2.