Hull modified to include oversize control conduit on centreline, reinforced wing bar sockets for front wing bars without compression struts, 2.4 control system deck plate, reinforced front frame.

Custom front wing bar without compression struts, joiner tube to outer wing bar angled to push extra height into outer wing, control line cleats mounted at side stays.  

Rear wing bar kinked to push outer wing bar up.  Outer wing is approximately 70mm higher than standard (similar to 2.5 position).

2.3 Outer wing bars
Lowered Mast stump

Hydranet Tramps

2.4 Control systems with downhaul on deck and additional system on the other side which can be rigged for either adjustable forestay or canting rig control, or something else. 

Mach2.4 Bowsprit with 2.3 Ride height adjuster

Bent M2 boom with lever.

MSH5 with cut down old M2 mast (around medium)
MSL17 with M2 stiff mast (only used for one regatta)

New dyform stays for the Queensland Nationals.

2.3 Front Vertical painted and faired
Small foil painted and faired
2.3 Rudder Vertical (modified for 2.4 horizontal) painted and faired 
2.4 medium horizontal

All foils have covers, boat cover and fibreglass travel box included.

The boat has spent most of the last couple of years packed in its box in Melbourne while I have been overseas.  Can be shipped anywhere at buyers expense.

Asking AUD23k