Any interest of my moth? Might sell it…

It is from 2010, (first owner was Tom Slingsby fun fact). The boat is in good condition with some upgrades and does not leak. Tramps and ropes are in good condition too. A good boat for learning the moth class. The vertical and 2.3 foil are relatively new, the 2.3 foil is used <10 times.


– Lowered wingbars with reinforcements at kingpost, to suit DS sail.

– BugsCam bowsprit with carbon pushrod, very smooth.

– 2.4 Aero tramps

– Lowered mast stump (2.3)

– Gantry fairing


– Stiff M2 5300mm

– Medium M2 5000mm rig for decksweeper, with gooseneck

– 15° kinked M2 boom with outhaul fittingSails

– Ka MSL 16.3, good condition

– Ka MSL 16.3, good condition

– Ka MSL 13, very used condition


– M2 Medium horizontal

– M2.3 Early lift horizontal

– M2 Small rudder


– Velocitek SpeedPuck- Wrapped in kpmf vinyl, 2021 (gloss carbon underneath)

– Trolley

Asking price: 9000€ (7700£, 11 000$ US) Open for offers!

Located in Sweden

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