2009 McConaghy Mach2 · NaN miles au compteur

Mach 2 (3907) excellent condition, used less than 15 times /year since 2012 mainly in fresh water, no crash, no repair. Solid boat.

Includes:M2.0 main vertical, good condition M2.0 main large horizontal (~28kts reached)

M2.0 rudder vertical, excellent condition M2.3 anhedral rudder horizontal, about 50 uses

Ka sail training conditionprototype sail, good conditionLennon MSH3 good condition

M2.2 ride height adjuster, M2.2 kinked adjustable wand + gearing

M2 straight boom (stiff), 36:1 vang Harken/Ronstan fittings, shrouds and ropes regularly replacedAll covers

stored indoor

Sticker on hull, easy to remove

Perfect boat to get into foiling, start racing and Learning foiling manoeuvres,

A still competitive boat, easy to get up to speed, with mach2 upgrade kits without buying a brand new boat.

To be discussed: Delivery, trials and learning to foil tuition with rib, accommodation in south of France