Mach2.3/4 completely ready to race. The boat is located on Lake Maggiore (north of Italy) and available for world wide shipping.

It cames with:

– shrouds in dyform;

– ropes, control Line and ropes stuff al by Gottifredi Maffioli;

– deck equipment all by Harken (high load blocks for vang and cunningham and Carbon blocks for the main sail sheet and the other part);

– 2.4 hydra net tramps;

– Ka deck sweeper (bought in February) —> WITH LOWERED MUST STUMP

– C-TECH kinker boom with Vang level with inner Cunningham;

– mach2 must with custom made must foot in titanium;

– bowsprit by shock sail with Carbon and brass pushroad;

– main foil vertical 2.3;

– main foil horizontal 2.3 small;

– rudder foil vertical mach2;

– rudder foil horizontal 2.3 anhedral small;

– foil cover;

– boat cover by mach2;

– boomerang cover;

– trolly



The big “CattivissimaCle” is just a sticker and I can take out it.


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