45th at the Moth World 2021

Good Mach 2 boat entirely refitted with lots of upgrades :

– Repaire front cloison and addition of a reinforcement carbon tube

– Reinforced of the wing bar fitting

– Homemade bowsprit and “Exocet type” control system (less connection parts and only one pushroad )

– Lower mast foot step and lower vang attachement point

– Mach 2 plate clank and new control lines from 2021

– Adjustable forestay system

– Adjustable spreaders

– Aero tramp 2.4 Dacron from 2021

– Repainted in 2021

Other parts:

– Mach 2.4 vertical with Mach 2.41 horizontal

– Mach 2.3 vertical with MMprocess small horizontal foil

– Rocket Rudder

– North Sail Vi8-LA (Low Aspect)

– North Sail DS9 (DeckSweeper)

– CST Soft 0.5 Base and Tip

– Spare tiller

Boat is stored in Geneva in a dry place for winter. Available in Quiberon after the European championship.

For more information, please contact me via Facebook, phone or mail fabsui72@gmail.com