Selling my Mach 2 moth with all the latest updates.

located in Göteborg, Sweden. Happy to ship worldwide. Can deliver free to most part of Europe.

-dry hull

-Bowsprit -latest BugsCam traveller system, with 3 spare cams (different shapes)

-Mach 2 Super Stiff mast. Shortened 150mm from top and 50mm from bottom to suit the deck sweeper.

-Kinked Mach 2 Boom with lever – work professionally done. Reinforcement added to top wall to prevent crushing under vang loads.

-KA Decksweeper sail 2018, used for euros.

-2.4 rudder vertical (new juli 2018)

-2.4 rudder small horizontal (new juli 2018)

-2.4 main vertical (new September 2018)

-blueworks ONE main foil. The foil is anhedral and made in one piece, smooth surface. Used three times.

-2.4 aero tramps

-extra lowered maststump (lower than 2.3)

-continuous lines from Marlow. All ropes spliced

-cleatplate on frontwingbar with cunningham, vang, forestay, gearing adjuster and adjustable wand elastic tension. Boat also has adjustable wand and ride height.

-adjustable deck running forestay

-deck running Cunningham

-1:48 vang highload blocks

-GRP Travel Box, Boat & Foil Covers all included.