Selling my Mach2 Moth ISAF 4120

The boat is in very good condition

 -The hull is dry and has no major damages/repairs

 -Wings: front bars professional reinforced; one main bar has a repair

 -Trams: Mach2.3 low drag wing cover

 -Mast: Mach2

 -Boom: Mach2.2 High Modulus Tapered Boom – Extra Stiff

 -Sail: KA 16.1

 -M2.0 front vertical

 -M2.0 front horizontal large painted/faired

 -M2.0 rudder vertical

 -M2 rear anhedral foil medium painted/faired

 -control system: M2.2 bow mechanism with adjustable wand length

 -MACH2.2 RHA Barrel Titanium



-Price: 11800€

Boat is located in North Germany, Kiel


 – second boom