For sale is my Mach 2.6

Sensible offers considered!

Top bits of spec:

Full Mach 2.6 upgrade

Lennon A3.5DS. Measured at Perth worlds at 8.25m2. DS foot is 100cm.

CST DS4 mast with interchangeable DS2 top section for use in 15+ knots. 5090mm length. Shock gooseneck fitted.

CST 15’ kinked boom new Sept 2020. Fitted with Maguire’s main sheet bracket for moving blocks aft if required.

2.41 horizontal main foil & 2.4 front vertical bought new in October 2019.

2.4 medium horizontal rudder & 2.4 rear vertical bought new March 2020

2.3 small main horizontal & 2.3 front vertical. Came with the boat but still good when windy & waves. Have reached 25knots using this foil.

2 owners from new. Originally a 2.3 bought new July 2015 by the previous owner Mike Golding, a member of Stokes Bay and big time round the world sailor, and shipped to the UK, then purchased by me from Mike in November 2018.

Since then the boat has been fully upgraded to a 2.6 with all parts bought directly from the manufacturer in Australia.

These include:

2.6 hull conversion kit

2.6 hull pull rod kit

2.6 bowsprit assembly including adjustable wand.

2.6 gearing assembly kit

2.6 ride height adjuster kit

2.5 aero high wing bars & tramps

2.5 hull wing bar socket re-enforcement plates

2.5 rear wing bar socket re-enforcement

2.5 kingpost control plate + fittings

2.5 lowered mast stump

2.5 rigging

All fitted March 2021.

Other kit included is:

New Allen high load purple blocks, 1 x 40mm at kingpost & 3 x 30mm for kicker purchase. New March 2021

North standard sail.  Conventional sail & in average condition, but useful to have as a spare. Measured at 8.23m2. Is missing cam no.2, but borrowed from DS when used.

Fully re-roped during conversion March 2021. All continuous where needed with dyneema shock cord take ups.

Cunningham purchase lead back across deck

Mainsheet position moved slightly aft to accommodate deck sweeper.

Lennon always up toe straps

Shock outer tramp protectors

Tramps secured with 10mm cable ties to prevent loosening.

Original trolley with lowered handle to accommodate lower bowsprit.

Mach 2 original prodder

Original bow bonnet cover still present.

Cunno boat breaker

Forestay boat breaker

Spare tiller extension

Full boat cover

Full guides on the upgrades & roping diagrams can be provide.

The hull does have a few scratches and a couple of small dings which can be seen in pictures. There is also a small leak that I’ve not been able to trace, but as long as emptied once a month it’s not significant.

Only ever been club sailed.

As far as I’m aware the only 2.6 in the UK. Sail no. 4326.

Boat is located in Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK.

Viewing is available. Delivery can be discussed.

£10,000 GBP.