A well looked after and intensively upgraded boat

small foil package 16500 euros

Brand new North sail Vi8LA, October 2020

Adjustable spreader with carbon sliders, fore stay and side stays

Kinked boom 19°

New hydranet tramps with zippers, May 2020,

All control lines and lashings new May 2020

Small main foil, complete, new painting May 2020

2.3 rudder and 2.3 small anhedral foil, new painting May 2020

As option is also available

Early lift 2.3 main foil plus board (extra 1500 euros)

Fiber glass travel box (extra 500 euros)

Road Trailer, made to suit he boat, the boat is store on top of the case and all the boats stuff can fit inside. The trailer as new tires and bearing. (extra 2500 euros)

Contact me for more details

Anthony rezzoug