Up for sale is a VERY well sorted mach 2 moth. Previously owned by Tom Slingsby, I bought it from him.

Reinforced hull, Amac strengthened bow, mast, wingbar connection and gantry.

Personal mods include wing bar controls, sleeved mast stump, non skid removal, reinforced deck for block attachments for canting or forestay systems.

– 2.4 Tramps- KA 16.5– custom Mach 2 kinked boom with lever.– 2 new masts. CST stiff, Mach 2 super stiff– Mach 2.3 early lift– upgraded wing bars with flat top surface– Mach 2 longer verticals.– comes with 2mm rod rigging– spare wing bar– mast stump fairing– carbon rear wing bar rigging– 2 spare wands- Fiberglas Mach 2 Travel Box- Dolly- Shock Sailing Bow Sprit– lots of spare blocks, shackles and ropes. Many moth specific spares.