Boat is in great condition and has been well looked after.

Looking to sell due to other sailing commitments.


KA 16.5 sail Mach 2 medium mast (double hound upper)

Mach 2 spreader 

Mach 2.3 boom and new blocks

Mach 2.3 rudder vertical

Mach 2.3 medium anhedral (rudder horizontal)

Mach 2.3 main vertical 

Mach 2.3 main horizontal (early lift)(All foils in excellent condition)

Mach 2.3 side tramps (white)

Mach 2.3 tiller & Mach 2.3 tiller extension

Mach 2.3 wand & Mach 2.3 gearing adjuster

Mach 2.3 main horizontal (small – negotiable at extra price)

Mach 2.3 fiber glass travel box (negotiable at extra price)

Hull professionally reinforced (front wingbar slots) by Mach 2 before worlds in Garda 2017

Open to offers and price is negotiable.

Please contact Ewan at: Or PM on Facebook