Selling Mach 2,  No. 4078, built in 2014. 

Located in Munich, southern Germany.

Boat is heavily upgraded and comes with:

-continuously roped control lines,

-Shocksailing bowsprit with adjustable wand,

-custom gearing adjuster, Exocet-style, 

-CST 21 mast with Shocksailing gooseneck, 

-CST kinked boom, wang with lever,

-Lennon A4m with carbon battens and printed cams, very little use,

-Mach 2 medium mast, double hound,

-Mach 2 boom,  

-Kasail 16.3 sail,

-Mach 2.0 standard rudder (horizontal + vertical) painted and faired, with covers,

-Mach 2.0 small anhedral foil for the rudder, with cover,

-Mach 2.0 main foil painted and faired, with cover,

-Mach2 trolley;

-Mach2 boat cover.

Good and reliable, perfect for getting started in the moth and racing at a good level, this boat got me into the silver fleet at the Garda Worlds.

It has never seen sand or salty water!

11000 GBP – 12000 €

For more details or fotos please contact 

vb23487 at