2012 Mach 2 # 3931 

$11,000 usd

Boat is in great condition Located in Miami, FL can be shipped anywhere.


1 x Mach 2.3 Front Vertical

1 x Mach 2 Medium Front Horizontal

1 x Mach 2.0 spare front vertical 

1 x  Rear Horizontal Small Anhedral

1 x Rear Horizontal Medium Anhedral

1 x Mach 2.3 Rear Vertical

1 x Rocket Surgeon Horizontal


1 x Brand New H14 North Sail (Used 1 regatta and maybe 2-3 practice days)

1 x Used H14 North Sail (2014)

1 x CST Composite 15 degree Bent Boom

1 x KA Sail 16

Mach 2 Mast top and bottom Stiff (Clear coated recently for more stiffness/UV protection)

1 x Spare Mach 2 Straight boom


Brand New Mach 2.40b Dacron Wing Tramps (Black)

Control Rods upgrades to control link pins & Clips

Non-Skid Decking replaced with EVA deck

Custom Made Australian fast worm gearing installed Spare Mach 2 Ride Height

New control lines/ mainsheet in great shape

Main Sheet blocks Harken 40’s

All Wing bars/ Mast Stump / Gantry recently clear coated for more stiffness/UV protection

Mach 2.2 Bow Mech

Adjustable Wand

Spare White Mach 2 Tramps (Bladder’s cut out)

Includes Mach 2 Travel Box

Email me Blakecabassa@gmail.com for more pics/details